STRUT! spotlights the world of the Philadelphia Mummers and their annual parade. Each New Year’s Day, electricians, longshoremen, plumbers, cops and other working class wizards transform the City of Brotherly Love into the world capital of Surrealism. Their boundless celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of joy capture the heart and soul of America. The parade is a delicious melting pot of pre-colonial history, Vaudeville slapstick, cultural diversity, and 4-minute Broadway shows. But the real flavor comes from the Mummers thrmselves, who personify what we hold most dear: The mandate of freedom and self-expression… the power of family and fraternity… the lessons of the immigrant experience… and the extraordinary inclusiveness and tolerance of everyone except the competition. Shot with no script and an easy-shifting point of view, the Mummers’ colorful tale is told through revealing interviews, new and vintage footage, dazzling still photos, and irresistible music. Director: Max L. Raab Stars: Robert Bizik, Pete Ciarrocchi