Hi All,

I posted here before and I was shocked and surprised by the number of applications I received. So, here to offer a new opportunity.

I’m currently in search of a voice actor (gender-neutral) that portrays a sentient robot that’s trying to infiltrate the working-class infrastructure. It’s for the demo of branching dialogue kind of game. Not necessarily a full RPG, but have elements like branching choices.

And for those curious, this is the result of our last gaming endeavor: https://deadbyte.itch.io/real-stories-from-the-grave-a-date-to-keep

Here’s a trailer if you just want a quick peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0D1J6whq1c

For those interested, please email me a headshot and your reel. Those who apply must own their own VO gear. None will be provided.

Email: carmichel94@gmail.com