Short Film (Student)
Non-Union, Unpaid

Producer: Kenagh Babcock
Director: Hansen Bursic
Writer: Hansen Bursic
Based on the Memoir by: Jenny Jae Cory
Shoot Date: October 11th, 2019
Location: TBD

Note: This project is set in 1987.

[CORY] 18 yrs+  to play 17 years old. Must identify as transgender, non-binary or non-cisgender. Must be ok with dressing both masculine and feminine. A quiet, withdrawn high school junior in the processes of questioning their gender identity. Seeks to fit in and ultimately figure out who they are. Grows to be more confident throughout the short. In a loving relationship with their girlfriend Meg who is the more dominant of the two.

Logline: All Meg wants is the perfect Halloween costume, but for Cory dressing like their girlfriend will be something they never forget.

Summary: Cory and Meg are high school juniors trying to decide on the perfect Halloween costume. A headstrong Meg is dead set on the two dressing up like each other and, after some convincing, Cory hesitantly agrees. After overcoming their fears at a Halloween party, Cory finds a new found confidence and sense of self from dressing up like their girlfriend. This new found connection would soon be tested when the night draws to a close and Cory has to face taking off the costume.

Based on a true story from an unreleased memoir by Jenny Jae Cory on her life as a transgender woman.