Film Name: Breach

Scene Description:
As two amateur bank robbers hold bank patrons hostage inside the local Eastern Commerce Bank, town residents stand behind barricades while law enforcement form a plan to neutralize the situation.

Eligible Candidates: Anyone 18+ is welcome. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and will need to receive explicit approval by the casting director prior to the filming date. Interested parties of any age should contact the production prior filming to help ensure an accurate head count.

Role of Extras:
Extras will portray residents or additional background police personnel. Those portraying residents will be asked to come in plain clothing, preferably layers in case of cold weather. Those portraying police will be proved light costuming by the production.

Date: Saturday, March 25th 2017

TBD–Extras will be given an exact call time a few days before filming. Filming will begin in the early morning and go no later than 7PM.

Location: Audubon, PA

Transportation: Ideal candidates will be able to self report to location. Production may be able to provide transportation to a limited number of extras.

Producers: Mark Albini and Michaela Murray

If you are interested in being an extra or would like more information please email If you have a current picture of yourself or a headshot please include this in your email. Thank you!