Hello! I am seeking several actors for my independent film shooting next month and in January. Please contact me if you fit the exact description of the characters, have open availability the last week of December and relatively open availability in January, you have experience in acting/on a film set, and you are punctual, polite, and able to take direction. Please send your headshots/resumes. The following roles are looking to cast:

Victor-Handsome psychopath a la Norman Bates. Early to mid 20s Caucasian male.
Manager-30s-40s-Tough and professional. Comic timing. Open to all ethnicities and genders.
Boy on Laptop-Strong dramatic instincts. Late 20s. Preferably speaks with a foreign accent.
Guy-Early 20s. Frat boy, bro-type.
Newscaster-Female. Early to mid 30s. Good comic timing. Reports the news, but in a Wendy Williams’ style salacious way, while feigning professionalism.
Heidi-Female. Early 20s. Open to all ethnicities.
Samantha-Early 20s. Pretty. Girl next door, angelic look.
Julie-Pretty and precocious little girl of about 9. Caucasian.
Lenny’s Squad-1 Guy and 2 Girls-Early 20s-Model Types
Pauly-Early to mid 20s-Tall-Caucasian-Model Type-Strong acting chops. Must know how to drive