Are you looking to join a group of creators with a hunger to do something different? Then maybe we’re a fit for you.

Our start-up—Planet Grim—is looking for a Social Media Manager & Production Manager to help us grow. We’re a small, Queer, POC-owned team of independent filmmakers, artists, and rebels looking to make a mark by creating original three-dimensional stories featuring unrepresented characters of all backgrounds.

We’ve found the current entertainment industry to be oversaturated with ideas that are copy-pasted with the same old typical stories- we don’t want that. We want our audience to connect with narratives in a way they never have before, through short films, full-length features, skits and other dynamic video content. We aren’t looking for people who want to get famous- we want people who care, people who genuinely love seeing ideas come to life.

Now, more about the positions we’re looking to fill:

Our Social Media Manager would be responsible for planning, scheduling & posting all of the content we produce. They’d also need a good head on their shoulders, capable of knowing the right things to say to our audiences, the right hashtags to use, etc; Cultivating a social media following is difficult and requires consistency with the social media manager being willing to be active during different parts of the day, seeking to interact & comment.

Our Production Manager would be responsible for managing the overall timeline of all of our projects. This also includes planning & scheduling meetings, overseeing production costs & expenses, and helping in the creation and refinement of scripts, project concepts, and other materials which is crucial to our development and the growth we’re aiming for.

Sound like something you can handle? Send your resume and/or reels to