LOGLINE: A girl who alienates herself from her friends to spend time with her boyfriend faces an ugly reality both in her relationship and the mirror.


OLIVIA- 18-20 year old woman. Preferably POC. She has a polished glam look, naturally pretty and also materialistic.

MICKEY- 19-20 year old man. He is handsome with sleek bad boy style. His personality is a little aggressive but playful.

CELESTE- 18-20 year old woman. She alludes confidence and is loyal and protective towards her friends.

BLONDIE- 18-20 years old woman. She has colorful hair and a shy demeanor. She is considered the “mom” of her friend group.

DORA- 18-20 year old woman. She is a carefree spirit that spends a majority of her time with her friends.

TENTATIVE SHOOTING DATES: First Two Weekends in February (Feb 1-2, Feb 7-8)

Credit, Transportation, Food

If interested please contact aromanticshortfilm@gmail.com with your headshots and resumes!

Audition information will be shared when headshots and resumes received