MATTHEW JAMES MONROE (age 22-30) is a former United States Army Sergeant who finds himself all alone in a bunker after a tragic war wipes out the rest of the Earth’s population. Every day Matthew keeps up the same routine; basic exercise, hygiene, and searching for any remaining human life on his radio. Being completely isolated for so long up until now, he begins to lose hope and starts hallucinating images of his dead wife, Veronica, who was brutally murdered during the war.

Matthew argues with Veronica and she convinces him it was all his fault she was killed. Matthew finally breaks down completely. He decides to kill himself, but right before he slashes the blade across his throat, he hears another person’s voice on the other end of the radio and is filled with hope again.
This project is unpaid, but you will be fed and it is a great way to gain more exposure and make new connections! Any further questions or concerns, email Rachel Genari at or text (540) 450 – 7380.