Tagline: Nothing kills true love, not even death.

We will be shooting our next short horror film Hunger on a Saturday or Sunday in October of this year.
Our shoots are done in ONE DAY! Anyone applying for these roles must be available for the
entire day. Our shoots usually start around 9 am and we keep going until ‘It’s a Wrap!’
It usually is a 10 to 12 hour day.

The shoot will be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Reliable transportation is a MUST!

There are only 2 characters in this screenplay. They will both require SFX makeup applied to face
for the ending scenes. You must NOT be allergic to latex.

We pay $120 for the day plus a gas allowance for anyone not in the Lancaster, PA area.
We feed everyone all day! Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!
IMDb credit. Clip for reel available after we run the film festival circuit.
We have an amazing crew and we ALWAYS have a blast on set while still getting the job done!

Male Actor:
Luca Samson is 32, good looking, nice build. He recently lost his wife Chloe in a car accident and misses her dearly.
Events will plunge him into a place where he doesn’t know if what he is seeing can possibly be real.

Female Actor:
Chloe Samson early 30’s very pretty, shoulder length hair was married to the love of her life Luca.
Chloe died in a car accident leaving Luca brokenhearted. A package arrives for Luca and suddenly he is seeing
things that can’t possibly be real.