NBP Films is casting the first two key roles for a feature film entitled, To Avenge. Contingent on the success of our crowdfunding campaign, the project will begin filming in Fall 2017. Locations will include Philly, Delaware County and Chester County, PA, northern Delaware and the shore/resort towns of Lewes, Fenwick Island, Slaughter Beach and Ocean City, MD.

To Avenge tells the story of Taarna who is an unassuming, late teen to early 20’s female who, by choice, enters the world of vigilante justice. The film could best be described as something of a mix between Charles Bronson’s Death Wish and I Spit on Your Grave. Unlike Bronson and the victim-turned-vigilante in ‘I Spit on Your Grave’, Taarna seems to pick up her sense of vigilante justice, at first, from a sense of boredom, then later is inspired by the feeling she gets from delivering cosmic retribution. In other words, Taarna is not the kind of person anyone would suspect of those outlaw actions. Furthermore, she has no readily apparent motivation.

Lead role: Taarna – Female, 18-26, Caucasian, very physically fit, interest in or ability to learn a choreographed fight scene.

Taarna doesn’t know the victim personally, but knows of her. She is sickened how Vera, the young woman who was sexually assaulted and severely beaten was first abused by her attackers, then again by a system that is ineffectual at best and sometimes borders on cruel complacency. In Taarna’s mind, if the system won’t help this girl, then she will. She takes her time– methodically targeting each of the attackers– delivering her unique brand of justice with a calm, almost detached demeanor.

Main character: Vera – Female, 18-26, race: open, slight to average build. Must be comfortable/capable of handling the raw emotion of a violent attack/assault scene which includes brief nudity. Likewise afterwards, in conveying the role of a severely traumatized young woman trying to cope and pick up the pieces. This will require a deep, emotional commitment to your character and her circumstances.

Vera is a young woman who is sexually assaulted during an off-season visit to the shore. Returning to her family’s small beach house one evening, she is followed and brutally attacked by a group of four men. Her physical wounds heal fairly quickly, but in the weeks and months that follow the assault, she feels victimized again as her attackers are caught then released due to lack of evidence. Vera is strong and returns to her place of employment, but becomes otherwise withdrawn and melancholy. She becomes fearful of men, stops going out with friends, quits her favorite activities and even resorts to having her groceries delivered rather than take trips to the store. Unknown to Vera, someone is watching– a woman who is angered by what’s happened to Vera and who wants to make things right by any means necessary. A unique plot twist leaves Vera coming out on top in the end and finding the justice she deserved.

You can find examples of my work and film credits on IMDb.com by searching for “NICK BELIAL” . Please reply with your name, headshot, resume and/or IMDb link plus full contact information. Let us know which role you’re interested in. We will respond to those candidates under consideration and provide additional details.