A man named William is constantly pestered by a voice in his head, claiming that he wants just one day to himself. After the voice falls silent for an entire day, it returns to him later that night. He claims that it ought to start paying rent if it’s planning to stick around. William awakens to a month’s rent in cash on his desk, wondering just how controllable this anomaly may be.

William (Male, 20’s) Converses with an entity aloud as if the voice is alive and next to him. He is acutely aware of how strange it is, but takes advice and harsh criticism from the entity all the same. (William does not speak in a deranged manner).

Head shots/Audition videos are appreciated, and will significantly boost your chances of being chosen, but are not required.

You will be credited as the lead role in this production.

Food will not be provided throughout production, (We will have plenty of water though, a good portion of the short film takes place outdoors).

Transportation to and from the shoot will not be provided, but any transportation during the shooting day will be taken care of. (reasonable transportation reimbursement may be negotiable depending on the circumstances, but should not be expected).

Shooting may not take the entire allotted time, but be prepared to work two 8-9 hour shooting days.