Infinite Lee Productions is looking for individuals who are aspiring to be extras in films
Along with being an extra, you will receive hand-to-hand training in equipment (if desired)
Equipment: Photographer, Videography, Directing or Script Writing.

Job Description:
Performs as a nonspeaking member of the scene in stage, motion picture, or television productions: Stands, walks, or sits in scenes as background for stars actions, or performs actions requiring special skills, such as dancing, swimming, skating, riding, or handling livestock.

Rehearses and performs pantomime, portraying points essential in the staging of the scene.

Workers may be designated according to registration in union as General Extra; Special Ability Extra; Silent Bit Extra.

If selected, film and TV extras are advised on what they need to bring to the set and when and where to report to work. For most films, extras are asked to wear their own clothes. For a film set in another time period, they may have to report to the wardrobe department for a costume fitting.


When reporting for work, extras may be part of a rehearsal or may be thrust immediately into the filming of the scene. They are required to pay close attention to the director and cooperate with crew members.

Extras may be asked to simply stand in the background, to have a conversation with other extras, or to move freely about the set. They must keep track of what they are doing in each scene in order to help maintain continuity from scene to scene. Extras may have to repeat their actions, gestures, and expressions again and again until the filmmakers have the shot they need.

Their scene may only take a few hours to complete or may take several days. Extras may be used for the background in only one scene or may be used in many scenes. In rare cases, an extra is plucked from a crowd scene and given a line to speak. In this case, the performer is considered a day player.

* Bi-lingual
* Any Race (I.E: Preferred Asian)
* Flexible (Avalible for Various Shoots/Constant Re-location)
* Friendly Attitude
* Willingness to Learn
* Demo Video
* Cover Letter
* Resume

Send an email using the subject “Extra Casting” (Will not read otherwise)
Use proper grammar/sentence structure
Please contact Production Manager: