Roles: Short Film – Non-Union
Logline: A protective father challenges his daughter’s boyfriend to the most dangerous of tests to prove himself worthy of her and of the drug cartel.

Jagger – (18- late 20’s) White male, Amalia’s boyfriend, always wants to make a good impression. He had an upper class upbringing and was raised by two neoliberal attorneys. Timid, a goody two shoes, and liberal.

Rafael – (Late 30s- early 50s) Mexican male, Amalia’s father, he is strong willed, traditional and stoic.

Leonardo – (19- late 20’s) Mexican male, apart of Rafael’s cartel. He looks up to Rafael and is afraid Jagger will take his place as Rafael’s son figure. Loyal and protective.

Tito – (30’s-early 50’s) Mexican male, Rafael’s right hand man, stoic and hard to read. He is loyal to Rafael.

Extras: All Ages (Hispanic)