To Avenge Casting Call – Character: Taarna

To Avenge is an upcoming thriller shooting Fall 2019 in Ocean City, MD. Directed by Nick Belial, To Avenge stars Erika Eleniak, (Baywatch) Zach Galligan, (Gremlins) Kelli Maroney, (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and Bernard Robichaud. (Trailer Park Boys)

Story Background: To Avenge tells the story of the reactions and repercussions of a terrible crime. Vera is the college-aged victim of a sexual assault who is trying to deal with the aftermath of that physical and emotional trauma. Shortly after her assault by a group of four young men, Vera is relieved to learn her attackers have been caught. The men, however, are quickly cleared of the charges and released due to coercion and blackmail coming from a wealthy and well-connected family.

Unknown to Vera, someone is watching – a woman who believes that what happened is unacceptable and wants to make things right by any means necessary. While Taarna takes bold action, Vera quietly proves her strength and resilience. While Vera works to rebuild and regain her life, we get the sense that she’s going to be alright– which is more than can be said for the men who attacked her.

Lorcan-Saoirse Films is recasting the role of Taarna in To Avenge. We are looking for an actress with the following attributes:

Female, age range of 19-25 (Must look early 20s, college age)

Experience: Ability to learn lines and deliver an emotional performance that’s convincing, natural, not over-the-top.

Height: 5′ 2″ to 5′ 9″

Thin to slight athletic build

Physical: Experience with sports such as kick-boxing, martial arts or gymnastics would be a real plus.

Our character’s appearance is crucial to the plot of the story, so actress must either naturally fit this description or be willing to make the needed changes:

Eye color: Blue or able to wear color lenses

Skin: Pale, alabaster complexion

Hair color: Dark brown. Length: Mid-back would be ideal (long)

Availability in your schedule for mid-September through October 2019. If you have opportunities or responsibilities such as work, travel, school, classes, etc., scheduled or tentatively planned for this fall, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

Please familiarize yourself with the project including the storyline, cast and crew prior to submitting. Peruse our ‘To Avenge’ IMDb page, social media accts, news articles, etc.

* IMPORTANT: Please submit via email. No contacts through Facebook IM, no calls please.