Category: Recreation for a true crime docu-series
Paid rate on a 12 hour day, Non-Union
Shooting Dates: March 15-18
*Need to have own transportation for filming in Southern New Jersey*
We are following CDC guidelines and will be testing for COVID.

Character 1
Caucasian woman, Age: early 20s, medium length brown hair,

Character 2
African American Man, slightly heavier build 5’9, mid 30s, bald head with some facial hair

Character 3
African American woman, curvy figure, 5’8, late 30s, long brown hair

Woman DNA Tech
Any race/ethnicity woman, any build, Age: 30s,

Character 4
African American woman, slim build, Age:23, straight black/brown hair

Character 5
Caucasian man, medium build,Age: early 30s, Light brown hair and facial hair,

Lab Person
Any race/ethnicity, any gender, any build, Age: 30s