This film is a goofy comedy and satire of superheroes, specifically that of “Power Rangers”. The film centers around three villains whose bond breaks apart after they realize that they aren’t really equal partners due to rift driven between them by a much more powerful villain who is able to defeat the hero of the city “Zeta Mask”.

The role to fill would be that of the main antagonist “Count Twindilius”. He is infinitely more powerful than any of the heroes or villains that currently exist, he is a tall wizard who is easily able to take down the main hero and villain. The appearance of Twindilius is flexible and doesn’t really have any restrictions on who can apply other than height, and ability to participate in action scenes.

We would like to begin rehearsing on the 10th and rehearsals would be on the 10th, 12th, 15th, and 17th of May. Any additional info can be provided when you inquire by email.

Copy of the Script