Need 1 Female actress, and 3 male actors, 18-28 to play in the 7 minute short, A Masque For Your Darkness?.

A Masque For Your Darkness? is short film where the loved ones of the victim of a fatal, drug overdose come together to honor the memory of their fallen comrade, to instead find themselves digging some skeletons out of some closets.

Character info:

DANNY is the epitome of vanity masquerading as martyrdom. He’ll rob the basket to buy dope then preach Jesus to the homeless.

ALEC is going places. He has a good heart and a good head on his shoulders, and is often seen as too wise for his years.

JESSE means well, but the pain of life has led her to be lost in it. Flirting with suicide is a twice daily thing for her.

JOEY? His problem? He grew up on the wrong side of the fence; sharpest arrow in the quiver. If only it could fly straight.


Sunday 5/21/2017 is the day of the shoot. Rain or Shine. Alternative location is in place in case of rain.

Lunch, dinner, and gas money for travel will be provided.

Location: A cemetery in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area (North East PA) Zip code 18709

If interested please call: 570.357.3845 or email: